Homelux offers a wide range of products to complete any tiling project for the professional or DIY user.

We offer complete start-to-finish solutions for your tiling needs with products ranging from crack suppression and waterproofing systems to decorative tile trim to accent any room. Manufactured at our extrusion and molding facility based in the United Kingdom, the Homelux brand is recognized for its leading edge technology in extrusion and is able to produce unique, differentiated products to meet the changing needs of the tile industry. Whether protecting your installation from beneath the tile or featured as a decorative accent, Homelux offers complete confidence in a job well done.
PVC Tile TrimsHomelux PVC Tile Trims
PVC Supergloss Tile TrimsHomelux PVC Tile Trims
Metal Tile TrimsHomelux PVC Tile Trims
Stone Effect Tile TrimsHomelux PVC Tile Trims
Listello BordersHomelux PVC Tile Trims
Flooring ProfilesHomelux PVC Tile Trims
PVC Tile Trims

Homelux PVC tile trims provide a practical, smooth and neat edge to your tile in various profiles and finishes.
  • Tough and long-lasting
  • Color fast
  • 100% recyclable
  • Contain no lead
  • Cost effective alternative to bull nose tile
  • Made in Great Britain
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PVC Supergloss Tile Trims

Homelux SuperGloss Quadrant is the glossiest tile trim available, thanks to a new patented* process. It provides a perfect 3-way corner when used with a corner piece.
  • Complements high gloss ceramic tile perfectly
  • Matching corner pieces
  • Quick and easy installation - no mitering required
  • Extra leg makes fitting easier
* Pending
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Metal Tile Trims

Homelux metal tile trims coordinate with the latest stone and porcelain tile to give a contemporary, stylish look to your room.
  • Natural, muted tones
  • Match the latest trends in tile
  • Complement natural colored grout
  • Can be matched with metal borders
  • Coordinate with other furniture, eg. faucets, light fittings & door handles
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Stone Effect Tile Trims

Homelux stone effect tile trims are the ideal solution for hiding exposed raw edges of tile or stone. They provide a premium, subtle finish as an alternative to bullnose tile.
  • Provides a discreet tile edge
  • The most durable tile trim available due to the unique process
  • Available in a contemporary straight edge profile
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Listello Borders

Homelux borders add style and decoration to any tiled area and are available in stylish metal in various colors and finishes.

Use these horizontally to enhance a border or use vertically for a different look.

Listellos are an alternative to ceramic borders. These decorative strips will enhance plain tiles creating a contemporary look for your room.
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Flooring Profiles

Use the Homelux range of flooring profiles to cover the joint between two floor coverings or the transition between floor and wall coverings.

Products are available in a number of finishes and can be used to allow for differences in thickness between two surfaces.
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Marketing Solutions for our Distributors

Homelux has a wide range of merchandising and marketing solutions to display products in a retail store. All are available to mix and match, according to the needs of the retailer.
Here are some examples of merchandising stands, please contact your local sales rep for further information.
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for more information
call 866-435-8665 or visit our Contact page
All are available with POP, and with or without live displays. All are tailored to the individual retailer. Display boards are also available, for retailers who do not have space for a stand.
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